10X Growth Account

Cryptocurrency 1.01

Discover the exciting emerging Crypto-verse. Our unique Social Enterprise will allow you access to the market and simultaneously afford you the benefit of tax relief because of our (EIS) status.

This is a special tax allowance awarded to Social Enterprises.

10x Growth Account simplifies the complex cryptocurrency markets thus removing concerns over which cryptocurrency to hold. Our platform is transparent and simple to navigate and our security is next level.–

Cryptocurrency tamed.

A10x Growth Account provides a way to invest in a UK fund with access to the leading ALTCOINS like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and NEO and it’s all done via a unique Social Enterprise collaboration.

How to open a 10x Growth Account.

When you’re ready to invest simply reach out and we’ll help you set up your own secure account. Our helpful staff are on hand to assist in any way you require.

The 10x Growth Account.

The world of Cryptocurrencies is renowned for high risks and high rewards, but the former continues to put people off investing. This fact, coupled with the levels of technical know-how involved and the complexity surrounding trading mean it’s no surprise Crypto-trading has yet to hit the High Street. Besides, there are so many different currencies out there it’s almost impossible to decide which to back.

The 10X Growth Account simplifies the problems by applying the simple logic of spreading the fund across a range of coins. This method of spreading the fund out in different currencies is commonplace in the traditional stock market. Holders of a 10X growth account benefit from this varied portfolio despite only holding a single account.

  • UK fund
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Secure
  • SEI tax relief via C.C.E.G.
  • Entry level cryptocurrency
  • Invest both traditional fiat and virtual currencies
  • Talented Team
  • No upfront fees

What’s involved in having a 10X Growth Account.?

As a 10 X growth account owner, you’ll not only benefit from having a cryptocurrency account, you’ll also be a shareholder of the Social Enterprise behind it. The Golgorathism Foundation is dedicated to fostering artists, poets, dancers, writers, musicians and other performers and creatives.

The organisation will apply for tax relief benefits of 40% on payments made to The 10x Growth Account, on behalf of its social enterprise status.

(Always read the Terms & Conditions and if in doubt consult a qualified tax adviser).

How does it work ?

After you have opened your 10x Growth Account, you’ll receive a receipt of the sum paid in. Upon the conversion date of the 1st May 2018, you will be able to access your personal dashboard.

In your dashboard, you’ll find details of your shares in the foundation and also your Cryptocurrency holdings.

These Cryptocurrency assets are managed by Rothbadi and Co and you will receive quarterly statements from them.

Please Note: This fund has a minimum 12-month term. After this time you can choose to continue or withdraw some or all of your funds.

We Succeed Together.

There are no fees involved in setting up your 10x Growth Account. The only revenues we receive come from the shared profits. Every Quarter the Cryptocurrency baskets are assessed and we share the profits. The more you make, the more we make.

If your initial investment swells by 100% then we stand to earn 30%. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to make the right calls and our experts are there to do just that.

Additionally, every quarter we will donate 10% to charity and where the money goes will be up to our shareholders… namely you…